December 26, 2012

Holiday updates

Well I haven't made a progress update in a while so I will give a quick update.  I've completed several camp tunics in the last few months.  Partly because I need to camp garb but also to work on the tunic pattern and make it work for me a little bit better.

While home for the holidays I took this same pattern and began modifying it for a quilted gambeson for under my lamellar that Dafydd has been working on.

So far I haven't gotten much done.  The pieces are mostly cut and some of the smaller ones are quilted.  I've had to get the knack for quilting in lozengy (diamond) shape while I work so it's been slow going. But I think I'm getting it.  See some of the cut pieces in the picture above.

Hopefully learning this technique will serve me well.  It would also work for a padded helm coif too.  :-)