February 27, 2017

Fresh look to usher in 2017!

Time to write!
Well it's been a very long time indeed since I've been back to my poor, dusty SCA blog. But you know, that just means I've been very busy!

Tempus fugit, and I've come a long way in the last few years.

I've worked very hard, and accomplished a lot but it's time to settle down and start thinking about all the FUN bits of the SCA: research and projects!

First on the list: armour repairs!

And I have some really great ideas for new A&S projects based on some pretty rare topics so I'm excited about that --- Super Sekret Projects!  
The idea will be to talk about how things are going in the projects here while underway. 

The future looks bright.

October 28, 2013

Just ignore those tumbleweeds bouncing by...

Oh well.
It's been so long since I've had a chance to come back to this blog. But it's symptomatic of what's happened in my life at home. I just haven't been able to focus on fun hobby-type things in a long time. And when I do, it's usually utility type things and not really mucking around. I did finish some tunics... But it's time to work on some more. The gambeson is still in pieces. I haven't gotten much armour work done. But in terms of getting ahead, I have what I need to start some silk painting finally (and I took a class). I also took Cariodoc's class at Pennsic on boiled leather finally. It was really interesting, and things look a lot easier than I anticipated. But as things go, I'm hoping to refocus on things again in the future. I still have a pile of utility type things I want to do, but I've also got an idea for Spring Pent in March so maybe I can do some fun things by then.

December 26, 2012

Holiday updates

Well I haven't made a progress update in a while so I will give a quick update.  I've completed several camp tunics in the last few months.  Partly because I need to camp garb but also to work on the tunic pattern and make it work for me a little bit better.

While home for the holidays I took this same pattern and began modifying it for a quilted gambeson for under my lamellar that Dafydd has been working on.

So far I haven't gotten much done.  The pieces are mostly cut and some of the smaller ones are quilted.  I've had to get the knack for quilting in lozengy (diamond) shape while I work so it's been slow going. But I think I'm getting it.  See some of the cut pieces in the picture above.

Hopefully learning this technique will serve me well.  It would also work for a padded helm coif too.  :-)