October 28, 2013

Just ignore those tumbleweeds bouncing by...

Oh well.
It's been so long since I've had a chance to come back to this blog. But it's symptomatic of what's happened in my life at home. I just haven't been able to focus on fun hobby-type things in a long time. And when I do, it's usually utility type things and not really mucking around. I did finish some tunics... But it's time to work on some more. The gambeson is still in pieces. I haven't gotten much armour work done. But in terms of getting ahead, I have what I need to start some silk painting finally (and I took a class). I also took Cariodoc's class at Pennsic on boiled leather finally. It was really interesting, and things look a lot easier than I anticipated. But as things go, I'm hoping to refocus on things again in the future. I still have a pile of utility type things I want to do, but I've also got an idea for Spring Pent in March so maybe I can do some fun things by then.