June 7, 2012

My paper is gaining popularity!

I had the wonderful and unexpected surprise to get notified this morning that my saltpetre paper, which I published on academia.edu, has had about 30 visits from countries all around the world.

People have been finding it via searches on Google and the site on “saltpetre” and other related key words.  I know it’s not really such a big deal, but as the author I’m so excited by it.  I’m pleased to think that there’s a small chance that my paper has brought together some facts that have really helped others in their own research.

To me, it’s the essence of why I’m in the SCA.  We’re the original “crowd sourcing” and “social network learning” system out there.

I’ve always been so proud that it’s the fundamental thing we SCAdians do:  See it. Learn it. Share it.

The site dashboard tells me that at least one person has googled it with “SCA” attached to the keywords.


*happy dance*