May 25, 2012


Fake a British Accent
God love the Brits.
 The dustbunnies are occupying my dungeon.

In other news, I was staring at my well picture on the right.  I sort of feel like that right now—that I’m sitting in the bottom of a well in darkness looking up at what feels like a mountain of work I would need to do to scratch the surface of my A-S projects.

If you’ve been reading my LiveJournal, you’ll know from my post today exactly what I’ve been up to that’s keeping me from spending time in my beloved dungeon.  And although I love the sunny weather, it’s also not conducive for me to be productive at the sewing table.

In the meanwhile, I have dusted off my interest in persona research with some renewed energy.  It’s been really slow at work and since it’s mostly online research it lends itself well to filling my days.  Sorry that your taxpayer dollars are being diverted for it.  Forgive me?  J

I want to do a shout out here to the folks behind the scenes at British History Online and the British archives online.  CANADA’S SYSTEM SUCKS COMPARED TO YOURS.  I’m sorry to be so direct, but it’s true.  I am totally in love with the depth of knowledge I can tap that’s totally open source.  Why can’t we get organized like this??!  Come on, Canada!!  And we don’t even have the copious amounts sheer data and centuries of knowledge to catalogue!  *humph*   Anyway, if you’re interested in British history, I urge you to check out their archives.

I’m finding so many interesting little nuggets of info there that I’m starting to get a really good sense of the kind of detailed persona bio I can develop from it.  I think I might do up a paper for fun when I’m finished.  Is that the kind of thing people want to see in an A-S display?

Projects list update:  check out my Works in Progress page.