January 30, 2012

Explorations in social media for history buffs

I have spent the vast majority of my day today doing a sort of online audit of various social media sites and tools that I thought could be helpful as a history buff and a reenactor/amateur researcher.  It's a line of thought that I've been toying with for a while now.  How can these tools help us share and collect our online research more effectively?

I've already listed a few of my favourite sites on this home page but I wanted to see if that list was worth expanding.  I think I've found a few little spots online that may be helpful but I'm going to explore populating some content on them first before I share my recommendations here.  If you're at all the kind of SCAdian that's digitally-inclined, I encourage you to check back again for results (hopefully) soon. 

If you're out there reading in the blogosphere, please consider sending me some of your own recommendations if you have them.  Either social media or blogs, for that matter.  :-)

Shared information rocks!